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May 19, 2010

Multiple Monitors

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I work at computers all day long.  Often I am sitting at other people’s desks fixing their computers, but more often than not I am at my own desk.  Whether I am remotely helping a client or working on a project I am always happier when I have more than one monitor.  My second monitor is the one thing I wish for when working from home on the weekend or after kids are in bed (I try to not work too much from home, but sometimes emergencies need to be handled).  My laptop is great, I love the freedom it gives me, but the lack of a second monitor (or even a larger monitor) is a noticeable slowdown to my productivity.


May 10, 2010

Wireless in the workplace

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Wireless is one of those double edged swords: it can serve a great function, but if it is not done right it can leave your systems open and vulnerable.

The upside of wireless networking is  eliminating one more cable.  You also have certain conveniences like working from a conference room without having to hunt for a data cable, working from a coworker’s desk on your own laptop while they work from their computer or even working from the outdoor patio for a bit so you get to see at least a little sunshine during the day.  And all of this without having to string cables for people to trip over.


“White box” vs. Name Brand PCs

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A question we are often asked is: “Why do you only sell name brand computers? Why don’t you build computers?”  While we do occasionally build PCs for select applications (for instance, network video recorders for video surveillance systems we install) in general we have found the practice of building custom PCs for our clients not to be the best option.  I will explain my thoughts as to how we came to this decision.  The term “white box” is defined by Wikipedia as “a personal computer or server without a registered brand name”. This applies to any custom PC built by either a home hobbyist or a computer sales and support company.



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Passwords are a necessary evil.  They slow us down and get in the way when we want to just “get some work done”.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from a friend or client “can’t we just not use passwords?”, “why do we need them anyway?”.  Why indeed.  Passwords provide a method of identifying who you are.  As an analogy, imagine that someone walks up to you and starts talking to you.  They start off by saying “Hi, I am you friend Mary”.  Now if you can see her face and you know her voice you know who Mary is and the rest of the conversation flows easily; you know what information you can and can’t share with Mary.  Now pretend that you are blind and that everyone sounds the same.  How would you know that was Mary you were talking to?  Just from her telling you who it was, what is to stop anyone from just starting off the conversation the same way?  You would have no way to confirm that you were talking to Mary.


May 7, 2010


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Welcome to the Latitude 34 Technologies’ blog.  Here you will find posts about computers and related technology written by the L34 team.  We will write about topics that we get frequent questions on as well as bits and pieces of technology that we just think are neat or helpful for people to know about.

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